Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

abc Art Berlin Contemporary and Berlinische Galerie - The Weekend 36

Dear Reader: The last Weekend was the Autumn Art Weekend No 1 for Berlin. After the 'Death' of the Art Forum (Berlin's former largest Art Fair) I visited the abc Art Berlin Contemporary - an interesting mix between a fair and an exhibition. The Theme 2011 was 'About Painting'  - for me the most interesting theme.
Funny was to observe the curator couple: Rita Kerstin and Marc Glöde. I was there in the early afternoon at saturday so Marc seemed still exited about what will happen this public afternoon. He went around all the time (It wasn't full of people this time). I saw him about 10 times and at one point he smiled to me...

After the fair I went to the Museum Berlinische Galerie because I had 0€-Ticket. This is the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Berlin.

Freitag, 2. September 2011

La 54. Biennale di Venezia - The Italian Pavillion as a Cemetery of Modern Art

Vittorio Sgarbi, a friend of Silvio Berlusconi, celebrates the Death of Modern Art. As the curator of the Italian Pavillion 2011 he organised a great fleemarket: about 500 pieces by 200 Artists. It looked an exibition of the TACHELES Art Center in Berlin.

„L’arte non é cosa nostra“ - the title of the show. 
In the end I have to say: the scandal about the ugly stuff in the Italian Pavillion thats the real exhibition 2011 of Italia, thats the part of Art and something we'll always remember.

Here are some impressions: